Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana - Is It For Real?

The humble little cannabis sativa plant is the center of one of the hottest issues between politics, religion, and medicine in all of history. Amidst all of the controversy and regardless of where they stand on the issue, medical professionals must find themselves curious about it. Is marijuana the miracle drug it is purported to be in some circles, or is this a lot of media hype?

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Marijuana Health

Approximately 25 years ago, marijuana became a cultural phenomenon, the symbol of one generation’s disregard for another. The marijuana found on the streets at that time, however, lacked the potency of current crops.

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The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Humans have been using cannabis, also known as marijuana, for different purposes ever since prehistory. Marijuana, a genetic variation of the cannabis sativa, is still a very common herbal drug. The plant develops best in warm climates and may often be grown with the help of hydroponic growing methods.

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