Alaska Authorized On-Site Cannabis Consumption

The Associated Press reported that the regional Marijuana Control Board allowed marijuana consumption at the points of its legal sale. A few Alaskan pot shops have already been approved to allow their customers to consume cannabis products in such a way. These stores are now among the first ones in the US to allow on-site cannabis use. 

Alaska is the first US state to make such a decision. In 2019, regulations were adopted for the allocation of special zones for the use of cannabis. These places must be located in such a way so as not to harm the health of other people.

Alaska Authorized On-Site Cannabis Consumption

On-Site Marijuana Consumption Will Be More Common

The decriminalization trend of marijuana is gradually spreading to an increasing number of US states, and on-site consumption at pot shops is thought to be an increasingly common practice in the near future. Last year, even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a decree on the legalization of marijuana.

A study was conducted at Stanford University. It found that in the countries that decriminalized the use of medical marijuana, mortality from opioids has not increased. Professor in the field of psychiatry Kate Humphries stated: “We do not believe that marijuana kills people, but we are not sure that it saves them.”

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