Best Marijuana Strains for Summer 2019

With marijuana legalization spreading across the United States and the rest of the world, we have seen the rise of many varieties of our favorite strains, each more complex and flavorful than the other. To help you choose, we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 weed strains for the summer of 2019.

Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver has all the qualities that the best summer strain should have – colorful, delicious and potent. A cross between Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie, this strain has a unique flavor profile and a pleasant combination of effects.

Banana Punch

Who needs tropical cocktails when you can simply enjoy a good Banana Punch? With strong tropical flavors of banana and pineapple, this indica strain is perfect for relaxing after a long day at the beach.

Ice Cream Cake

Having a strong lineage that goes all the way to Cookies ensures that Ice Cream Cake is on everyone’s list of favorite strains. A taste of slightly burnt vanilla with cookie dough hints will definitely improve your summer.

GMO Cookies

A surprising name with an even more surprising taste – GMO Cookies tastes exactly like its name suggests: Garlic Mushroom and Onions. It’s riddled with trichomes and has a wild aroma coupled with a strong punch.

Tangie Biscotti

A mysterious strain with unknown parents, but still one of the most popular marijuana strains - all thanks to its beautiful flavors and aromas. It combines the fruity notes of cannabis powerhouses with the finish of the newer sweeter strains.

White Nectarine

Going all the way back to old school strains such as Chemdog and Haze, White Nectarine is a testament to all the diversity in the cannabis industry nowadays. It has relaxing effects that perfectly compliment the blend of beautiful aromas like caramel, citrus, and hibiscus.

Cereal Milk

If the following trends are your thing, you’ve got to try Cereal Milk. By crossing Y Life with Cherry Pie, breeder Kenny Powers managed to create a strong sativa phenotype of Cookies with dense and icy buds.

Venom OG

What kind of summer would it be without an OG strain? With a lineage of Poison OG with Rare Dankness, Venom OG has a scenic feel to its buds and a pleasing aroma reminiscent of a winter forest.


A favorite among smokers in the ‘90s, Chemdog has made its way back to the stage. With a powerful aroma and a potent body high, it will definitely spice up your summer.

Lemonchello #10

To wrap things up, a perfect lemony addition to your summer – Lemonchello #10. A strong fruity aroma will compliment your summer and improve your mood instantly.


 Best Marijuana Strains for Summer 2019

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