Can Cannabis Help Treat Dementia?

Currently, several minor clinical studies on marijuana for treating behaviors caused by dementia are starting to yield data.

The scholar literature knows about 29 behavioral symptoms – such as screaming, reiterated questions and violent behaviors – all of which, can be successfully handled by marijuana better than conventional drugs.

Dementia can be described as a group of symptoms related to a continuous worsening of cognition that influences a day to day life. Memory loss and trouble thinking, solution finding, speaking, mood alterations, personality and perception changes are common symptoms.

The World Alzheimer Report of 2018 pointed out that the worldwide number of people suffering from some form of dementia was around 50.000.000 in 2018. This number has been foretold to rise to over 150.000.000 by 2050.

Can Cannabis Help Treat Dementia?

How Effective Is Medicinal Marijuana in Dementia Treatment?

Evidence remains rather scanty. Though, studies suggested that medicinal marijuana can be efficacious in treating neuropsychiatric symptoms linked to this illness.

Despite the scarcity of scholarly reports, increasingly more people tend to resort to marijuana in order to help dementia-plagued relatives.

Marijuana has been reported to be useful for alleviating such symptoms as agitation, aberrant motor behavior, nightly behavior disorders, disinhibition, irritability, aberrant vocalizations, and others.

Why Specialists Hesitate to Recommend Cannabis for Dementia

Notwithstanding medicinal cannabis having been legalized in a large number of US states, it is rarely recommended as a way to treat dementia. In the vast majority of cases, health care specialists lack understanding of medicinal marijuana to feel confident recommending it.

A lot of healthcare organizations decide not to recommend medicinal marijuana as a treatment because it can threaten federal funding. At the federal level, marijuana is still an illegal controlled substance, which means high restrictions on its use.

Research on THC/CBD and Dementia

Recent research of ten individuals with severe dementia showed that using a medication that contained CBD and THC, the two main compounds in marijuana, helped dramatically alleviate behavioral issues and rigidity. Half of the individuals fully stopped taking other drugs.

Another study conducted in Israel revealed positive results about using a marijuana-based medication. It was found to be a safe and promising way of dealing with the ailment.

Is Marijuana Safer for Dementia?

Needless to say, concern over the adverse effects of cannabis on vulnerable patients exists. Medications used today to treat dementia pose risks that can be serious and sometimes life-threatening. Marijuana is a well-tolerated and safe medication when applied in the doses common for treating this disease. The typical adverse effects include the feeling of high, balance loss, dryness in the mouth, drowsiness, and forgetfulness.

Should You Use Medicinal Marijuana to Treat Dementia?

Medicinal marijuana could help a patient you care about, and if it's not illegal in your state, find out if your state’s laws allow it to treat this disease. If yes, you should talk with a marijuana physician to find out the optimal product and dose.

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