CBD-Rich Cannabis Oil Can Help Treat Patients with Autism

CBD-rich marijuana oil is believed to help patients who suffer from autism. This statement is made on the grounds of new evidence collected by a group of Brazilian researchers. Even though this illness is considered to have no cure, the symptoms can be significantly soothed by using CBD.

CBD-Rich Cannabis Oil Can Help Treat Patients with Autism

The number of clinical studies attesting to the positive use of cannabinoids in autism treatment keeps growing. No wonder the states with legalized medical marijuana are willing to permit people suffering from autism to use cannabis oil.

The first marijuana-based medications legalized in the USA were meant to help children suffering from a harsh form of epilepsy responding poorly to other ways of treatment. As far as we know now, epilepsy and non-epileptic autism may have the same etiological mechanisms. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, seems to affect these mechanisms and to serve as a neuroprotectant which eventually lets the brain work in a more stable way.

A research posted in the Frontiers in Neurology tells about patients with autism taking “CBD-enriched” marijuana oil and how they managed to considerably improve their social interaction and the ability to communicate. Other than that, CBD showed other neurological bonuses.

Studies on Patients with Autism Using CBD Showed Promising Results

Brazilian researchers observed the treatment of 18 patients with autism. The patients were given a CBD-enriched extract of marijuana Sativa with a 75 to 1 CBD to THC ratio. The study was conducted for nine months. Each patient took 4.6 mg of CBD per kg of body weight to 0.06 mg of THC — a pretty significant dose even for a person that weighs over 100 lbs.

3 patients opted to stop the treatment due to side effects in the first 30 days, but of the 15 who decided to continue, 14 demonstrated varying levels of amelioration in a few symptomatic categories. 9 patients who had both epilepsy and autism had improvements of 30% or more. The conditions of 4 patients improved significantly in more than four categories, such as social adaptation, the ability to stay focused and sleep.

As of now, it's too early to tell for sure whether CBD alone did all the job or just acted in combination as a part of a bigger mechanism necessary for a successful treatment.

It's important to note that 10 of the 15 children had taken other medications before beginning the study — and 9 of the 10 improved their condition after lowering the dose of a non-marijuana drug.

The scientists who conducted the research called the results quite promising. They claimed that CBD can substantially raise the quality of life of people with autism and their caretakers.

Notwithstanding the information presented, not all scholars and doctors share this enthusiasm. The Autism Science Foundation stated that there has yet to be more clinical evidence in order for this kind of treatment to be approved.

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