New Cannabis Programs at U.S. Universities

Increasing Number of Cannabis Courses at U.S. Universities

The marijuana industry in the U.S. is expanding and weed is already legal in 33 states while recreational use is approved in 11 states. The universities are trying to respond to the demand for professional workers and chemical analysts, who will be able to conduct comprehensive research on how cannabis affects a human body, and offering new cannabis courses and programs. A number of schools have courses that are meant to train doctors and pharmacy students to examine and process marijuana plants.

At the University of California-Davis, a new Cannabis and Hemp Research Center was opened recently. This center unites people of different professions as lawyers, psychiatrists, veterinarians, agriculturists, businessmen, who want to study cannabis. The goal of the center is to identify scientific gaps in research and influence policy towards cannabis consumption, especially for medical purposes, drawing the government’s attention.

The rapid growth in the production of medical and recreational marijuana has outrun research in states where both ways of weed consumption are legalized. In such states like California, you can find and use pot in its many forms like joints, vaporizers, edibles, oils, tinctures, nasal mists, etc.

To carry out comprehensive research, requirements for obtaining material, the actual cannabis plant, will be alleviated. Until recently, carrying out a research with marijuana required DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) chosen type of plant that has been grown in a special place. However, in the last month, DEA reported that there will be more areas for cultivating cannabis for studies. Nowadays, the variety of cannabis products on the market is large that means scientists have to be able to work with not only local materials but also with a number of other different products from all the states.

At the University of California-Davis, students are also able to study marijuana cultivation and generation of weed seeds as well as genetics, pharmacology, and biochemistry of marijuana. Medical and biology majors can also apply for a course on physiology of cannabis and cannabinoids.

University of California, Los Angeles, also launched a Cannabis Research Initiative. Various seminars and medical research on the physiology of cannabis will be held there.

There’s a number of other smaller universities in the U.S. that are launching new cannabis programs since more and more students want to work in the sphere of weed economy.

For example, at Lake Superior State University in Michigan, chemistry students now can study quantitative analysis of cannabis.

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