Is our Education Complete Without Knowing About Marijuana Germination?

Marijuana, like any other hallucinogen plant or substance is illegal in some countries. Of course, there are some parts of the world more civilized than others that have understood cannabis as a personal choice. Thus they’ve legalized it. Places like these are very appreciated by tourists because they get to try not necessarily illegal substances, but perhaps a whole new lifestyle in a place where pot is not an issue and they can make their own decisions. This is what education needs most - to let people assume responsibility for their acts. Letting them grow Dutch marijuana seeds and witness marijuana germination shouldn’t be a problem as long as they know their risks and they’re willing to take them.

Also called weed, cheeba cheeba, devil’s grass or pot, marijuana has had a lot of names throughout the years and it has been a much disputed subject. A lot of people talk about it without knowing anything about this plant, its growth process and the effort put into obtaining the best products from it. Few have paid interest in the details so many websites offer about Dutch marijuana seeds or about marijuana germination. Most only get to know one fact about it -that it’s good for smoking. But cannabis also has a medical purpose as it is used in treatments for serious diseases like glaucoma. Because of its curative powers, cannabis is not illegal if prescribed by a doctor in a certain drug. However, marijuana is mostly known for the hallucinations or state of well being it induces.

Growing marijuana is very tricky if you want to obtain high quality products. Cannabis can survive and develop in any conditions and in any kind of soil, but it won’t meet certain standards. As most people who are interested in this plant use it to sell it for treatments, they have to know certain details that allow the growth of quality cannabis. First of all, the seeds are of primary importance. Dutch marijuana seeds are the most recommended and, if one browses the Internet a little, he can find information as to why this is so. The Dutch marijuana seeds are known to be the best ones out there and they insure a high marijuana germination rate. After getting some Dutch marijuana seeds (and this shouldn’t be very difficult with a little research and an online order), careful plantation and close surveillance are necessary.

Marijuana germination of a considerable number of Dutch marijuana seeds is insured only by following strict rules as to how the plant should be looked after. The best place to germinate the Dutch marijuana seeds is in a sterile soil, vermiculite or hydroponic medium of rockwool. You will see the results, meaning the marijuana germination process, after just a week. Vermiculite is such a good medium because it can give the seeds a lot of oxygen. The seeds need to have water at all times and for expected results a nutrient solution is a great idea. The container the seeds are put into is very important also. It’s not recommended to transplant the seeds more than two times before the first harvest so you should put the Dutch marijuana seeds in the same pot you plan to grow the plant in. As one can notice after carefully examining only the instructions that have to be followed to witness the marijuana germination, a lot of hard work has to be put into growing cannabis.

Even after the marijuana germination period has ended and the plant has sprouted, one still has to take good care of it. The plant needs darkness during the marijuana germination period, so you can cover the soil where the Dutch marijuana seeds are with black paper to keep the light out. After the seeds have sprouted they will need light. A sun light or an UV lamp can be used because the small plant needs a lot of light. It’s best to keep them under a light source for eighteen hours a day.

Not knowing about the effort that has to be put into making the marijuana germination happen and not paying any interest in the difference between normal seeds and Dutch marijuana seeds is a major mistake. Education should involve all this information because a certain respect for the entire process would be induced to teenagers who only care about smoking. Knowing of the positive as well as the negative effects marijuana has on people would be a huge step in civilization. With this data and more, children would know the power such a plant has over the human body. They would learn to respect and sometimes fear the unknown and most importantly, they would learn responsibility for their actions is no one’s but their own.

Children should learn about the entire process to make marijuana germination happen and about the hard work put in. They should be instructed on the medical effects of treatments that include plants developed from Dutch marijuana seeds. Maybe later, they will wish to open a pharmacy that sells products based on cannabis. People would learn to hope for new discoveries made by these children in the future because someone told them, when they were easy to impress, how the marijuana germination should be handled and what seeds to use. You never know when knowledge takes a leap forward if education helps young minds to better comprehend positive aspects and hope to eliminate the negative ones.


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