Medical Pot Growers in Maryland Are Multiplying the Number of Cannabis Plants

Not taking into account the initial difficulties, the medical weed industry in Maryland is enlarging now. State’s cultivators are striving to meet the needs of numerous patients demanding their plant remedy. By the end of the cannabis market’s first year, vendors’ gross sales surpassed $96 million. After that, lawmakers authorized the sale of edible cannabis products.

More and more growers are setting up shops as they obtain cultivating licenses. Meanwhile, responsible politicians are trying to decide what a regulated adult-use market should look like and function.

Expanding in Growing Medical Marijuana

There’s also a high probability of recreational marijuana legalization that could help to finance the state’s landmark education plan.

Additionally, regulators are developing a strategy on how to organize the recreational cannabis industry that would supersede the black market, lead to sufficient tax revenue to make it worthwhile, help communities that were inappropriately influenced by marijuana-related arrests, and would not provoke growth in underage use.

Matt Darin, Grassroots Cannabis chief operating officer and co-founder, said people in Maryland have welcomed the use of marijuana for medical purposes more swiftly than residents from the 10 other states company works in. He thinks that Marylanders have become more comfortable asking for plant medicine and doctors with recommending it. There is also a patient-friendly program created in the state, Darin said, which has a more profuse list of conditions that qualify for treatment comparing to any other state.

Regulators reported that the medical cannabis market in Maryland still has a lot of space to develop itself, taking into account a fact that there are 82 dispensaries that have been opened in the state in the last 2 years.

In many U.S. states, patients who use weed for medical purposes represent 1-4% of the population. In Maryland, the 70,000 registered users account for a little more than 1%, which theoretically means that the cannabis market could increase 4 times.

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