Mexico Is Heading for Marijuana Legalization

Mexico Is Heading for Marijuana Legalization

Mexico failed to meet the deadline set by the Supreme Court concerning the submission of the cannabis legalization bill in October last year. The Senate of the Republic accepted 13 proposals in 2019. But, legislators were not able to examine and assess the bill in time, i.e. before October 23. Because of that, they requested the Supreme Court to postpone the date. The bill is expected to be finalized by the end of April.

After requesting a new deadline, the Supreme Court set a new date - legislators must submit a reviewed proposal before April 30, 2020.

If Legalization Bill Gets Approved

If the bill gets passed, Mexico will allow research of the plant and possession of up to 28 g of cannabis. Cultivation of up to 6 marijuana bushes for personal use will be also permitted. Under certain circumstances, a person will be allowed to apply to have over 28 g in possession, no more than 200 g. A strict punishment is supposed to be imposed upon those who possess an amount of cannabis exceeding 200 g.

The Mexican Marijuana Institute is going to control the granting of licenses and creating rules for the cannabis market. The institute is supposed to have the power to grant 5 types of licenses — research activities, importation and exportation, growing, and marketing.

Marijuana legalization is deemed to be a very important step supposed to lower the number of drug-related offenses. The new laws will make sure licenses are granted first among communities suffering from the drug war.

Even though the chances of getting approved for the bill are pretty high, there’s a possibility that some of the provisions can be changed or denied.


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