New Zealand Will Decide Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

Inspired by the experience of the States, New Zealand is going to hold a referendum on the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. Its government hopes the new laws will eventually lower the rate of drug-related crimes, boost revenues and attract new tourists to the county.

The New Zealand government has set the date for a nationwide survey on the permission of marijuana use for personal use.

 Is weed legal in New Zealand?

On September 19, New Zealand citizens will have the chance to vote on the legalization of cannabis and on the control over its distribution.

New Zealanders will respond to two options - whether they support the bill on the legalization and control of marijuana or not.

The draft law was published in December. Its main objective is to create unprecedented opportunities for businesses that will work in this field. The final version of the bill is expected in early 2020 for New Zealanders to carefully study and make the right decision to legalize marijuana or ban it.

The positive referendum result will be recognized provided that more than 50% of the people will vote for the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Medical use of marijuana in NZ will be allowed on April 1 and is not going to interfere with this referendum.

The bill on the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes contains the following items:

 - The age of the buyer from 20 years

 - Advertising of hemp products is prohibited

 - Limitations of marijuana use

 - Sale only in licensed stores

 - Selling "lite" versions of cannabis

 - Deliveries and sales under state control

Cannabis Laws in New Zealand Now

There is currently a ban on the possession and consumption of cannabis and most of its derivatives in New Zealand. For owning less than 28 grams the offender can be imprisoned for up to 3 months or fined NZ$ 500. Exceeding this amount entails imprisonment of 8 years. The growing of marijuana is punishable by seven years in prison.

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