Marijuana Is Willing to Come in for More Space in North America

The cannabis outbreak in North America is pushing the U.S. to revise laws in favor of legalizing weed. Cannabis is not banned for medicinal and recreational purposes in Canada, the U.S. neighbor. There, producers are planning for a future, believing that pot will be a globally traded commodity and hoping to profit from trade with the United States.

North America: Marijuana Is Ready for Takeover

In another neighboring U.S. country, Mexico, pot is legal for medicinal use and the situation could change further in favor of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. The new president of the country, having his party’s majority in the national legislature, proposed to legalize marijuana consumption for recreational purposes.

Additionally, the approval of laws on liberalizing marijuana is being backed up more and more in Congress in Washington. A lot of the 2020 Democratic contenders for the White House support this idea, and even President Donald Trump said that he is willing to endorse a measure to allow states to decide for themselves if they are ready to make weed legal or not.

However, even considering the fact that there are lots of promising statements and conversations, legalization marijuana (or at least its decriminalization) bills are not supposed to pass before the presidential election in 2020. Having a changing reality to the north and to the south of the U.S., the political position of states prevents the development of the domestic market and impedes companies’ and states’ potential to benefit from a global trade worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

The U.S. congressional inaction is not incontrovertibly bad news for the Canadian industry. Khurram Malik, CEO of Canadian cannabis producer Biome, said that companies from Canada can set up their businesses all over the world right now since the U.S. still doesn’t have any particular federal law on marijuana.

Nonetheless, implementation of the legalization program in the USA could help states to unblock lucrative trade corridors to Canada and to other countries of the world.

Weed is legalized in some way in 33 states as well as in Washington, D.C. However, pot can’t be transferred through states’ borders because federal law still accounts for this plant as an adverse and therefore illicit drug. Legalization all across the U.S. would allow states to trade pot with cannabis market representatives across the borderlines and also carry out operations with an abundant supply of high-quality products.

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