THC and CBD in Anxiety Treatment

The combinations of THC  (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) have long been used for anxiety treatment. Anxiety and depression are a natural result of the increasingly accelerating rhythm of modern life. The cure for these diseases is a very difficult task that scientists face. According to medical data, approximately 18% of US residents suffer from these mental disorders.

In any mammal, anxiety and fear are developed at the subconscious level as a result of evolution and help to survive in dangerous situations. But anxiety and fear affecting a person for a long time can cause mental illnesses and lead to a neuropsychiatric disorder or even suicide.

THC and CBD for anxiety

THC-Induced Anxiety Can Be Alleviated by CBD

Studies have shown that the use of cannabis derivatives affects the state of anxiety. CBD was proven to reduce anxiety at any dose. THC also reduces anxiety symptoms when taken in small amounts, but if the dose is large, anxiety will increase. Though this downside can be mitigated by adding CBD. Heart rate also increases and blood pressure rises.

CBD has many therapeutic effects: anesthesia, a decrease in inflammatory processes, a decrease in the development of arthritis and tumors, an antiemetic, to enhance appetite, an anticonvulsant effect, a decrease in anxiety and other psychosomatic disorders. This has been proven by clinical studies in various medical institutions.

The studies of the effect of CBD products, especially CBD oil, on anxiety and stress will continue until scientists are completely confident that cannabidiol is effective in suppressing these symptoms and there are no significant side effects on the human body.

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