Wisconsin: Marijuana Legalization Is in Progress

Not considering the fact that cannabis is spreading across the U.S., there is no federal law that would make it legal for the whole country. Now, several states like New York, Minnesota and Florida are preparing to legalize cannabis for adult use. Concurrently, Wisconsin is aiming to make medical marijuana consumption legal.

A new bill on medical marijuana decriminalization was introduced by lawmakers in Wisconsin. Patients registered within the state will be able to use marijuana if they have any health problems, providing that the bill is signed into law.

Due to the high demand for weed legalization, lawmakers are acting intensively to pursue the bill. A Poll in the Marquette University Law School indicated that almost 60% of those questioned were “for” marijuana legalization in the state. Moreover, the legalization of medical marijuana was supported by as much as 83% of state residents. 

 Wisconsin: Marijuana Legalization Is in Progress

Nowadays, marijuana is still not completely legalized in Wisconsin but patients with certain diagnoses are allowed to use weed for medical purposes. There are certain steps patients have to take to use medical marijuana legally. For example, to have a prescription from a doctor and join the state Department of Health Services registry. Patients also have to pay an entry fee of $250 and an annual fee of $250.

In order to grow medical cannabis, a recently introduced licensing system requires an initial fee of $250 and an annual fee of $5,000 as well as confirmation that a grower will not cultivate marijuana for personal or family use. If complying with all these rules, a person will be able to grow more than a dozen cannabis plants.

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